Istria Granfondo 2015

Note the dates 10 and 11 October 2015 and sign up for the international cycling marathon Istria Granfondo. The fourth edition of the marathon with the start and finish line in Umag and Novigrad will offer an even richer program this year.

On Saturday, Istria Granfondo Family & Gourmet Tour will take you on a 25 km long recreational ride around Novigrad and its surroundings, along the shore, through olive groves and vineyards. Cyclists over the age of 10 will enjoy the views and tastings of Istrian dishes at the refreshment stops.

The real challenge comes the day after, in Umag, on the routes for the bold and physically fit. Choose between the 95 km long route of Istria Granfondo Small and 141 km long route of Istria Granfondo Classic, the most part of which was included in the 14th lap of the famous Giro d’Italia in 2004.
Istria Grandfondo
Granfondo Classic passes through the central part of the Istrian peninsula, through Oprtalj, Motovun i Pazin and returns to Northwest Istria. Both races start and finish in the beautiful Stella Maris Resort, just next to the ATP stadium in Umag. In order to catch your breath on the way, we have prepared a total of 6 refreshment stops.

The marathon that brought together as many as 750 cyclists from 10 different countries, more than 300 members in the organization team, 150 volunteers as well as members of various cycling teams in 2014, this year has 100 prizes in store for the best cyclists and 20 prizes for the most numerous teams.

The rich accompanying program of 2015 offers well-known bicycle brands in the Expo zone, a children’s program, Zumba kids, a bike balance competition, a fashion show and most importantly – great atmosphere.

Welcome to Umag and Novigrad to the Istria Granfondo!

Date: October 10th-11th 2015
Location: Umag and Novigrad
Meeting point and Start
Saturday, October 10th, 2015 – riva Porporela in Novigrad
10:00 – Istria Granfondo Family&Gourmet Tour 25 km (for families and children over 10)

Sunday, October 11th, 2015 – Tennis center Stella Maris in Umag
09:00 – Istria Granfondo Classic 141 km (1.440 m altitude)
09:00 – Istria Granfondo Small 95 km (1000 m altitude)

Registration and start fee:
Early registration and start fee – until Monday, September 28th 2015. at 23:59h – 20 Euro
Registration and start fee – from Tuesday, September 29th 2015. until Monday, October 5th 2015. – 25 Euro
Late registration and start fee – from Tuesday, October 6th 2015. at 12:01 h until Sunday 11th 2015. at 8:15 h – 30 Euro

Registration and start fee – FOR NON-LICENSED RIDERS:
Non-licensed riders (without UCI, UISP or UDACE licence) will be permitted to participate only if registered until Wednesday, October 7th 2015 at 23:59h!
For this type of registration please use our standard web-form but with additional data: unique personal ID number or/and number of the personal identification card.
At the moment of registration and assigning a race-number, besides the usual start fee, you’ll have to add additional 50,00 kuna (~7 Euro) to cover the expenses of issuing a one-time license and insurance.
Note: Payment of the start fee and of a one-time license is possible in kunas (HRK) and euro (EUR).

Istria Grandfondo
Please bring personally the completed form at the Race office during the registrations and gifts assignment.
Registration form:
Please use our standard web-form for registration.

The payment can be made to the club’s bank account.
Beneficiary: ISTRA D.M.C. d.o.o., Jadranska 66, 52470 Umag, Croatia, 91825575551
Beneficiary’s bank: ZAGREBACKA BANKA d.d., Zagreb
IBAN: HR1623600001102025521
AT PAYMENT PLEASE REFER TO: “1199-2015 (Istria Granfondo entry fee) – your name and surname”
Jadranska 66
52470 Umag
Phone: +385(0)52 719 471
Phone: +385(0) 52 719 419

Tourism Offices of Umag, Novigrad, Buie and Brtonigla
Hotel companies Istraturist Umag and Laguna Novigrad
Tourist Department of Region of Istria
Istria Grandfondo

The competitor bears the cost. At the moment of your registration and picking your number/promo-package, please have ready a document confirming your payment for the race.
Note: If case of a single registration without UCI / UDACE/ UISP license, an additional payment of 7 € is required along with the entry fee.
At the moment of your registration and picking your number/promo-package, please have ready a document confirming your payment for the race.

Additional info regarding registration and payment of participation fee:
We would like to inform you that your registration for Istria Granfondo is completed at the moment of online registration on the official web-site of the race and payment of full participation fee.

If you registered yourself online and didn’t pay participation fee, you’re still non-registered. At the moment of picking the number (on Saturday or on Sunday) you’ll have to pay participation fee for the late registration.

For all the foreign participants (outside Croatia) that payed participation fee but only in partial amount (due to banking fee), it will be allowed to pay the difference to the full amount of participation fee at the moment of picking the number on Saturday or Sunday.

Number assignment:
– Saturday, 10th October from 15.00 till 19.00, at the Info point (tennis center Stella Maris) in Umag
– Sunday, 11th October from 7.00 till 8.15 at the Info point (tennis center Stella Maris) in Umag
Entry fee includes:
The signposted course; race number holder; professional timing; mechanical help in the start area; medical assistance; free parking; food stops along the course; pasta party; online results; bike washing at the finish; showers; shuttle service for bikers (broom service)

The race is timed by “Stotinka” with a transponder chip. The participants will get one with their start number, including installation on their protective helmet.

Prices in objects and gift packages will be distributed among the categories. Medals and cups will be awarded to the best riders, too.
Hotel companies from Umag and Novigrad will grant the best competitors and their partners with an accomodation in its hotels and appartments.
Individual prizes: top 5 in each category

Special prizes: the first three teams with the highest number of registered athletes

Prize giving ceremonies:
Sunday, October 11th, 2015 after the event in Umag (tenis centar Stella Maris) at 13:30 p.m. for the marathon Istria Granfondo Small and at 14:30 for the marathon Istria Granfondo Classic.
All winner are asked to be on the podium punctually – if you can not be there, please announce it at the Infopoint.

There will be 2 courses:
Istria Granfondo – long course, km 141 (1.440 m altitude)
Istria Granfondo – short course, km 95 (1000 m altitude)

General rules:
The event applies the road bike technical rules of the HBS – Croatian Cycling Union, the UCI International Road Bike Regulations and the general regulations of the UCI. The organizer will not be held accountable for civil and legal responsibilities of the competitors towards third parties. The event will take place regardless the weather conditions.
The Organiser keeps right to change any race regulation without prior notice.

According to the book of regulations by placing the deposit of 200 kn (25 Euro). For a complaint for the in-race period deadline is 15 minutes after the finish. For a complaint regarding the results deadline is 15 minutes after results have been posted (published by a President of the Commissaires panel).

Additional information:
a) The paths SMALL and CLASSIC split in Tićan (40 km), at the intersection 3 km after Višnjan. Warning signs will be placed at an adequate distance from the splitting point. The paths merge again in Marušići, at 109 km CLASSIC and 63 km SMALL course.

b) Dangerous trail points – railway crossing at 64 km of CLASSIC course, after Sveti Petar u šumi, damaged pavement with many patches between 86 km and 90 km downhill towards Motovun and further to the Livade.

On the SMALL course the only point to highlight is downhill from Vižinada to Ponte Porton from 47 km – 52 km, no major damage, just only ribbed asphalt.

On the CLASSIC course the point to emphasize is the passage through Momjan and downhill immediately after, according to the place Valle – technically very demanding part with narrow and fast downhill, smaller damage on the narrow pavement between 111 km and 113 km.

c) The most demanding climbs

1. Ponte Porton – Šaltarija 56 km; (4,5km length, 275m altitude)

2. Livade – Oprtalj 92 km; (4,8 km length, 300m altitude)

d) There will be an official vehicle (yellow light) in the race till 30 minutes behind the leading rider. All the riders riding behind the vehicle will not be provided road protection and ride at their own risk, therefore they are kindly asked to obey traffic regulations.

e) There will be another vehicle till 60 minutes behind the leading rider. All the riders lagging behind it will be excluded from the race. Regardless, the direction signs on the trail will remain at their positions for a certain time after the above period.

f) Feed zones and technical zones:
1. Tinjan (56. km) – classic
2. Škropeti (80. km) – classic
3. Kremenje (111. km) – classic
4. Vižinada (47. km) – small
5. Kremenje (66. km) – small
6. Umag (finish line)

In addition, lunch will be provided at the finish line for all participants, only upon presentation of the coupon received at registration (when picking up race numbers).

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